Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Stick a fork in it...................

It's done!!!

After 2 years, 2745 squares and 4709625476804326739 yards of wool*, THE blankie is finished. This is definitely the most wow factor thing I've ever knitted.

Best of all, it's the yarn that does the talking. Sock yarn in beautifully variegated shades spanning the spectrum. The knitted itself was a breeze, I could watch telly and not look at the needles or ANYTHING!

I did consider a simple black crochet border round the edge to make it look more 'done', but that seems so finite somehow. At the moment, it's about queen bed sized; I *might* decide to add to that at some point. The back is really scruffy too but my plan is not to line it, just keep it facing out!

Next step is to wash it: on a very gentle cycle with a LOT of colour catcher sheets! Then it's onto the back of the sofabed I have to keep in my lounge. It's hideous and I'm hoping this will improve it.

But for now, in all it's glory (and yes, good photography could make it look a lot better but we all know that's not my forte)

And my favourite square; something about this orange one draws my eye every time.

* Numbers may be exaggerated for dramatic purposes.