Friday, 9 April 2010


You know when you put something off, and the longer you put it off, the more difficult it seems to get 'it' done? Well, that's kind of like this blog.

I haven't been forthcoming with the old finished objects, and for that reason I feel a bit naughty posting about anything else. This blog is heavy on the promises and starts, a bit light on the finished items of fabulousness.

Still, as that DOES accurately represent Minxy Real Life, I should just get on with posting. I mean, there are no blog police. Right? And I really need a place to record the list of crafty things I intend to do over Summer (the many things already outstanding aside............) Here goes

1) Finish Secret Crafting items #1 and #2. Can't say too much cause of prying eyes except #1 it turning out to be a mammoth knit and #2 could be on the hideous side of kooky, not sure yet!

2) Birds on a branch. Except might have to wait until the Autumn for the branch. Given my current rate of finishing, not a problem.

3) Cover my lampshades with funky fabric.

4) A Summerlin dress for The Daffinator.

5) My hallway. This really is out of my hands at the mo as it depends on Big G finishing his decorating. We are very alike so don't hold your breath!

That'll do for now. Back soon (sooner I promise) with some pics!