Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sex Bo-bomb*

OH loves the film Scott Pilgrim but I hated it. I thought it was full of completely unsympathetic wankery characters, he said I was missing the point. Anyway, he wanted a hat. And with the snow falling fast, I thought I'd better get my knit on. He's a conservative chap my fella, but I felt he should try something different to his usual beanies. I found an online pattern for the hat worn by the eponymous Pilgrim, and even though the droopy nightcap style would normally send my OH running screaming into Marks and Spencer, the character endorsement meant he was much more enthusiastic. A bit like Stanley with Scooby Doo underpants. Bless my men. Nothing much to report on the knit. Straightforward, garter stripes. I used Rowan Pure Wool which I enjoyed despite it's strange cotton-y hand, and teamed it with a random blue 4ply I'd been gifted, held double. I think he liked it. On it's first outing, he was cornered by two coy Japanese schoolgirls, who pointed at his head and giggled 'Scott Pilgrim!!'. Made his day. * Scott Pilgrim's 'band'. Yes, the quotation marks are deliberate.

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