Thursday, 30 June 2011

What a tangled web...

Toddlers and yarn. Like chocolate and cheese, or red wine and cola, they come under the category of Things I Love, but they should probably never be put together.

This week I bought a ball of Wendy Happy sock yarn, from my brand new and super cool LYS Fibre Flurry. Whilst it was all wrapped up in a pretty pink bag and on a high(ish) shelf, it took only twenty minutes for The Diva to find it. Wendy Happy is a bamboo yarn, which means it's silky, slippy and..................very easy to tangle.

I haven't posted a pic of the original carnage; I felt that may be too much for the delicate sensibilities of some knitters. The above viper's nest is THREE DAYS into the recovery. If I paid myself minimum wage for the detangling process, you'd be looking at the equivalent of a tonne of qiviut.

If times weren't so hard, I'd probably have just binned it. Happy isn't expensive, but it was a treat, so I'm determined to save it. And the ensuing socks will be for my feet only. I've earnt them already.

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