Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Just a quick entry as a note to self. It's show and shame time again! I love to start knitting projects, oh HOW I love to start. Choosing the pattern, finding the perfect yarn and imagining in my head how it will turn out. I'll knit it up, think about the sewing, buttoning and seaming that needs doing and...............start something else.

So I'm on yet another ban. I will not start anything new until I get rid of some of my half done backlog. And I'm going to put (fairly boring, admittedly) pictures and details here. Still, the finished article pictures might be more interesting to look at.

First up, CHRISTMAS items that are still not done.

A jumper for Gareth. I need to knit this together but am having a bit of trouble understanding the instructions.

A matching sock. I can knit basic socks in my sleep, but when you're talking a size 11 it can get pretty boring......

A little top for me. From this pattern, am concerned it looks teeny (I still knit pre-preggo sizes) but apparently there's a fair amount of stretching needs doing in the blocking process.

An owl jumper for me, if I don't get a move on it'll be too warm to wear it!

And finally, although this is top of list for finishing due to time, is a little cowl I need to knit for a Mother's Day swap on PF . This got tossed aside due to a mistake on it's frustrating lace pattern, with a view to having a look once I'd calmed down. Really need to finish it!

There may be more, but that's all I'm admitting to for now.............

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  1. Good luck with getting them done!! I'm terrible for starting projects but not finishing them. Have ordered some fabric for a new quilt & I'm forbidding myself from starting anything new (apart from the Mothers Day swap) till the quilt is done!! Love the colour of the cowl, very springlike!!xx