Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Clear out the old........

Oooh, I just love the day all the decorations go back in the loft! Almost as much as the day they come out early December. I'm left with a room ripe for decluttering, a cathartic and (dare I say it?) fun experience, for all it's initial frustration.

Luckily I had a pre-Christmas toy blitz so the children's Christmas treats have fitted in nicely. I just need a real clean of upstairs to clear the way for decorating. Daphne's 'room' (teeny tiny box) is first. So far that hasn't cost me a penny.

We found the furniture and paint on Freegle, and the cotbed was Stanley's. Daphne had some lovely cushions, lights and bunting from Laura Ashley as Christmas gifts from family, it's going to look fab!

I just need to clearout my old nursery stuff, John Lennon's Real Love collection, which I'm hopefully shifting as one job lot. I just need to find my camera to send pics to the interested party.

Now which pile is the camera hiding under............................

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